Who may apply?

Any person, over the age of 18, from anywhere in the world.

Can Teams submit a design?

Yes, teams of artists are welcome. Please note that prize money will be awarded per concept submission, not per individual.

what kind of submission media is preferred?

You may draw, paint, render, sketch, and illustrate your design in any way that will best present your artistic vision for consideration.

how finished should my design be?

We seek design concepts; however you may send a completed monument plan as well, even indicating construction and material details. OPTIONAL: You may also suggest a site anywhere in the world in which the monument may be located.

what is an artist biography?

A short written summary of the candidate’s background.

If the submission is presented by a team of artists, please name all participants and submit a bio/written summary for each member of the team.

what is an artist statement?

A short written summary of the project concept and vision for execution.

There are no limits on the quantity of pieces in the statement/concept document; submit as much or as little as needed to represent the idea.

The submission could include materials intended and dimensions, along with rendering and sketches.

Submit all images in .jpeg, .png, or .pdf format and include several relevant views of the monument according to the design concept.

what will I win if my concept is selected?

The winning concept will receive a prize of US $20,000. Upon winning, the monument commission will own the rights to your design; however you will be credited with the original conception and you might be asked to participate further in the construction and installation of the Monument.

what is the submission deadline?

Submissions must be received by August 31, 2023 at midnight CST.

who can I contact with questions?

Email questions only (not submissions) to monumentcovid19@gmail.com

Have an idea for a monument concept?